For more than 20 years I have worked in the publishing industry–writing, editing, and managing creative content development for print and electronic media. Much of that content was designed to help people, and that remains the heartbeat of my life. I believe in doing work that lifts people. It’s what I’m wired to do.

As a published author and accomplished speaker, I have had the opportunity to travel the world addressing audiences from the continent of Africa to the land Down Under. Today I work sharing the writings of the worlds most translated author of either gender. Her writings, some of the most uplifting ever, remains as inspired today as they were when she wrote them.

Some of my accomplishments include:

►4 years Executive Administrative Experience leading in-house staff of 15, plus freelancers, in editorial content development for large non-profit publisher
►20 years Editorial Experience in all aspects of print and electronic media journalism
►5-Time Published Inspirational Author
►More than 360 published editorials and blogs since 2002
►Several appearances on TV and radio

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