Pexeto Panel   The Pexeto Panel includes some of the main theme setup options, here are a few examples of the options included:   Sidebar generator functionality – you can create unlimited sidebars and set a different sidebar to each page.     Selecting header social icons     Style options – with this theme you can build your custom skin, you can see some examples on the Unlimited Skins page      

Slider Management Section

The theme includes an advanced slider management section, that makes creating and managing sliders very easy. You have unlimited options to build custom content slides – to each slide you can set different background and text color, different layout, animation effect and content type.       Once you create the slides it is very easy to reorder, edit or delete them.      

Advanced content editor management

  You can easily insert different types of elements, such as image carousels, services boxes and background sections directly into the content editor.     For every element you insert there are various configuration options that you can set, here is an example of the full-width background section element: Edit-Page   when inserting a background section, you can choose one of the default style presets that we have included and you can then apply your custom colors to the section.   Here is one more example with a portfolio carousel element:   All of these content editor sections are editable so you can create and modify them at any time..]]>

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