November 2, 2019 it is a FULL day right at Brinklow. Message Magazine will be be with us and they are bringing a program for the morning and afternoon. The speaker for the day will be Dr. Jesse Wilson. A delicious lunch will be provided! After lunch there are great conversations that we all can benefit from, including “Top Ten Things You Can Do Today to Feel Better Tomorrow”. Mark your calendar, November 2, 2019, Message Magazine Day!


Proposed Program

9:30             Sabbath School Workshop

            Dr. Jesse Wilson, presenter

            Witnessing Workshop

Maximize your personal outreach in an age of faceless, technological, and scattered suburban anonymity.

11            Divine Worship as usual

            Message spotlight, Carmela Monk Crawford, Editor

            Sermon, Dr. Jesse Wilson

12:30            Sabbath Dinner, Vegan, Vegetarian and Raw,

with surprise from Donna Green Goodman

2:30             Top Ten Things You Can Do Today to Feel Better Tomorrow

            Donna Green Goodman, Eddie Goodman

3:30            Top Five Things You Can Do Today Ensure Your Financial Legacy

            Ruthven Philip

4:30            Work Out Doubt,

Claudia Allen

5:30            Arts and Music Vesper, Wills Chapel

            (Art gallery and intimate, acoustic music)

            Refreshments to follow

            Jamila Silvera

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