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In its 25th year, L’Elegance Cotillion-Beautillion is a program designed for college-bound high school seniors to encourage and enhance their educational, cultural, spiritual, civic and social development.

The six-month program mission is three-pronged. The seniors participate in character-building workshops, seminars and outings that cover the aforementioned subject areas and participate in a fund-raising program for college scholarships.

At the end of the program period, these seniors are presented at an annual formal cotillion event.

L’Elegance Cotillion-Beautillion is a non-profit program sponsored by the Emmanuel-Brinklow Seventh-day Adventist Church.

The young people selected for participation in the cotillion program are always outstanding. They possess above average grade point averages, are involved in a myriad of activities serving their community and church and are admirable leaders. Our alumni have gone on to become CEO’s, attorneys, engineers, medical professionals, educators, etc., and have given back to those behind them.

The scholarship fundraising portion of the program is vital. With the ever-rising costs of higher education, the program’s goals are to assure that every participant receives an educational scholarship for college. After a small percentage deduction to cover program costs, 100% of the funds raised are donated to our participants to help them achieve their educational goals.

The ultimate aspiration of this program is to provide each participant with scholarship funds at the end of the program cycle and present them in formal event in that is usually held each spring.

This program is open to all college-bound high school seniors that are affiliated with the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Interested participants must attend the introductory meeting usually held at the beginning of their senior year (September) then successfully complete the interview process to be accepted into the program.

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